• Vedi Napoli e Poi Muori

    When you decide to visit one place you always gravitate towards what seems to give more inputs. The more the stimuli, the better the place, right? Naples is exactly like that: it has beauty in every single corner and every minute something extraordinary can happen. May sound trivial, but in my experience it's true that it's in the DNA of the city to always go for the excess in every situation. Should you visit Naples, be ready to always keep your five senses fully set to enjoy the greatest number of experiences you can handle! From the humble street life, to the amazingly baroque religion, there is movement everywhere and anytime: isn't life like that, after all? I would also almost say that Naples is the city that never sleeps. And that everything is lived at its maximum peak. Everything is there for you to stick your fingers into, and to make you taste a unique and unforgettable flavour.